Jim Evans (Chief Instructor)

JimEvansJim has developed a distinguished and eviable career as Major League Umpire, internationally acclaimend instructor, and prolific author of educational materials. His resume includes the following achievements: 30Years Professional Umpiring Experience, 28Year Major League Veteran, 18Year American League Crew Chief, 4 World Series, 8 League Championship Series, 3 All Star Classics, and has won numerous awards internationally for his teaching.




Dick Nelson (Chief of Staff)

DickNelsonDick was a former PBUC supervisor for 19 vears, serving as senior field supervisor for Major League Baseball’s Umpire Developement Program. Dick has umpired and supervised every level of professional baseball.






Mike Fichter (Instructor)

FichterMike graduated from the JEAPU in 1993. He earned a job in professional baseball at the age of 18. He returned to the Academy as an instructor and has assisted Jim Evans in the production of umpire training for the past 22 years. Though he is no longer active on the professional field, he travels extensively training umpires from very diverse backgrounds including foreign professionals, major college conferences, independent leagues, high school, and youth leagues. Mike worked 6 years in the minor leagues umpiring hundreds of games at each level. He worked numerous All-Star games, playoffs, and league championships in addition to two assignments to the MLB Hall of Fame Game. Mike worked in 9 years over 800 games in the Major Leagues. He was on the field for several historic games. Two of his most memorable were Barry Bonds’ record-tying 70th home run and the historic no-hitter thrown against the NY Yankees by the Houston Astros.


Sascha Pammesberger (Assistant Instructor)

SaschaPGraduated from JEAPU pro school in 2012, 3 times graduated from JEEC (2008, 2010, 2012), graduated from IBAF umpire camp 2012, licenced CEB umpire since 2006 (around 20 CEB tournaments), ABUA-E umpire instructor, JEEC 2014 and 2016 assistant instructor





Bruno Hubler (Assistant Instructor)

HublerGraduated from JEAPU pro school in 2012, graduated from JEEC 2010, CEB umpire, Swiss umpire instructor, JEEC 2014 and 2016 assistant instructor