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Umpire Webinar with S. Jaschinski (MiLB)

Not one of the flashiest topics when it comes to rules and game management but awarding bases is an extremely important subject to understand and execute perfectly in game situations.
Learn the details, understand where to look, what to focus on so when the time comes, you’ll know “where to put runners”.
Host: MiLB umpire Steven Jaschinski
Please register via this link (if you have registered before, you don’t need to register again):
Call details will be shared before the event.
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Umpire Webinar with Brian Hertzog

Former MiLB umpire Brian Hertzog will share all we need to know about positioning at home plate. Brian is currently working at NCAA baseball and has a wealth of experience.

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Umpire Webinar with Dick “Sarge” Nelson

Known as the person who devised the basic mechanics of the 2-man umpiring system, Sarge is the man behind the core of all umpire systems we are using today.

Join next Thursday for the next session in the British Baseball Federation and ABUA-Europe Umpire Webinar Series for an in-depth view of the multiple umpiring systems. The session starts with details of the 2-man mechanics than explores the connection to 3 and 4-man crew rules, responsibilities and mechanics.

Start at 7 pm UK time.

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BBF/ABUA-E Webinar Series July

Jim Kirk, CEO of, is the next guest speaker in the Webinar Series.

As the head of the largest and best known online retailer of officials’ products, Jim will bring his expertise with umpire equipment and insights to product developement as well.

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BBF Webinar Series

Former MLB umpire Dale Scott is the next guest speaker in the Umpire Webinar Series.
Dale is bringing us two subjects for the session: the importance of knowing your position behind the plate and how mentoring can help young or rookie officials to gain confidence, learn about the game and umpiring in general.
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CEB Umpires’ Clinic 2017

Two ABUA-E umpires praticipated in the CEB umpire clinic March 24-26. Maros Pavlik (SVK) and Georg Veit (AUT) successfully completed the course which was conducted by Paul Bokern (NED) and Mojmir Jankovic (SVK).

Both new certified umpires will have their first appointments in a CEB tournament this year.

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Article about JEEC 2016 on KNBSB website

The Koninklijke Nederlandse Baseball en Softball Bond (KNBSB) has published an article about the Jim Evans European Classic 2016 umpire clinic on his webpage. Read the article.

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JEEC 2016 is history

The 2016 edition of the Jim Evans European Classis is over. 27 students out of 11 nations attended an intense 6 1/2 days umpire clinic with chief instructor Jim Evans, instructor Mike Fichter and the assistant instructors Bruno Hubler and Sascha Pammesberger.

Photos and Videos will be published soon on this website.

We want to thank all participants, instructors and volunteers of B.S.C. Almere ’90 and hope to see you all at the JEEC 2018.


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JEEC 2016: Newsletter No. 3 with last info

Here you can download the JEEC newsletter number 3.

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JEEC Newsletter No. 2

Here you can download the second newsletter for JEEC 2016. You will get some information about what you will need at the clinic and a bio of instructor Mike Fichter.

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