European Baseball Umpire Survey

Hello baseball umpire colleagues and Happy New Year!

My name is Tony Jones and I am a student at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences – Vierumäki. I am in the process of completing my Bachelor’s thesis and my topic is “Recruitment and Retention of Baseball Umpires in Europe.” To assist my thesis, I have produced a questionnaire via Google Forms to survey the situation for baseball umpires in Europe. With this I hope to get a full picture of the baseball umpire scene in Europe. I have also added a link to a separate survey, the Referee Self-Efficacy Scale to measure umpire confidence in carrying out our duties. I kindly ask you to take the time to go through both questionnaires as carefully as possible. If you have quit umpiring, kindly fill out the survey based on your most recent experience.

The European Baseball Umpire Survey should take about 10 minutes to complete and the Referee Self-Efficacy Scale should take less than 5 minutes. I kindly ask you to answer the surveys before January 31, 2018. I will analyze the responses for my thesis and a summary will be shared with CEB and the European national federations. Your responses will be kept confidential and reviewed only by myself and the staff at Haaga-Helia Vierumäki.

European Baseball Umpire Survey:

Referee Self-Efficacy Scale:

Should you have any comments or questions regarding either survey, kindly get in contact with me.

Thank you for your assistance and cooperation! Best wishes for 2018!

Kind regards,
Tony Jones

Baseball Finland
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science – Vierumäki

+358 40 592 1675

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