Jim Evans European Classic 2016 – Update

The date for the JEEC 2016 will be Saturday, March 19 to Friday, March 25, 2016. This time we plan one extra day because many of the Spanish participants do not speak English and therefore we will provide translation which is time-consuming.

As soon as this date is officially confirmed we will start to provide additional information on the new JEEC website which is now part of the ABUA-E website (umpire.eu). Just click on “JEEC” in the menu above for further information and and check out the sub-items too.

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ABUA-A Umpire Manual

ABUA Austria released a new version of its Umpire Manual updated for the season 2015. It is available as free iBook via the Apple iBook store. Windows user may download it with iTunes.

The manual is in German language and has 236 pages. Please note that the copyright is held by the ABUA-A, the use is permitted only for private purpose.

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Dick Runchey named Honorary Consultant to ABUA-E

College Baseball Foundation Hall of Fame Umpire Dick Runchey has agreed to become an Honorary Consultant to the ABUA-E. He became the first umpire inductee for the College Baseball Foundation’s Hall of Fame.

Runchey has umpired at most every level imaginable in his career of over 40 years. A well-known and respected NCAA umpire by the time he retired in 1998, Runchey’s highlights include working in the minor leagues, 48 games at the College World Series (including 4 championship games behind the plate), the 1987 Pan American Games, the 1988 World Cup, the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games and a MLB fill-in umpire in 1979.

Runchey is very familiar with umpiring in Europe and served as the IBAF Director of Umpires between 2003 and 2009...

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Jim Evans European Classic 2014, April 6-11

After 2008 in France, 2010 in Czech Republic and 2012 in Switzerland the 4th edition of the Jim Evans European Classic umpire clinic took place in Austria. With the support of the Attnang Athletics baseball club the Amateur Baseball Umpires’ Association Austria organized this international clinic. Participants of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Poland and Tunesia learned and trained 5 ½ days under the supervision of the former MLB umpire Lim Evans and his assistant instructor Dick “Sarge” Nelson.

The schedule contained 2-men-system, professional techniques and rule interpretations and of course a lot of drills on the field. The 4 instructors emphasized footwork, proper use of eyes and communication...

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Welcome to the new ABUA-E website!

We are happy to introduce our new website. Enjoy and stay tund for news!

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